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Mozilla: In 2014, all your hardware belongs to us

Mozilla plans to adapt Firefox OS to tablets, Panasonic smart TVs, and even desktop PCs while upgrading smartphone hardware.

By January 6, 2014


Google rolling out magazines to Aussie Play Store

Google today announced that digital magazine subscriptions are now available via the Google Play Store in Australia.

By October 10, 2012


iMac firmware update enables SATA III capabilities

Apple's recently released EFI firmware update for the new 2011 iMac models has reportedly unlocked SATA III performance capabilities on the new systems.

By May 5, 2011


Get a Sony Blu-ray player for $69.99 shipped

It's a refurb, but it supports Netflix, Pandora, and other streaming services--and you can trick it out with Wi-Fi with an optional adapter. Sellout risk: huge!

By March 11, 2011


Akai teases APC40 at NAMM 2009

Musical instrument manufacturer Akai reveals plans at NAMM 2009 to create the APC40 MIDI controller for the popular Ableton Live music software.

By January 15, 2009


Wet Circuits: Water- and shockproof power strip

Besides water resistance and touch protection, the $35 Wet Circuits power strip offers overheat and spark prevention as standard safety features.

By July 7, 2010


Samsung slate PC coming later this year

The Q1 UMPC failed, but Samsung is giving a slate-like PC another try.

By March 15, 2010


The Gizmo Report: APC's Mobile Power Pack UPB10

Glaskowsky reports on the performance of APC's Mobile Power Pack UPB10, an external battery pack for cellphones, music players, and other USB devices... and learns something about USB cables.

By September 16, 2007


Survive blackouts with $40 battery backup

Power outages happen all the time. Some last two seconds, some two hours. Either way, a battery-backup system will keep your gear safe and let you save your work.

By August 10, 2009


Speculation grows over Microsoft 'Bing' search

Another round of hints, this time in Australia, points to the possibility of Microsoft relaunching its search engine--code-named Kumo--as Bing.

By May 27, 2009