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Study finds online gamers aren't antisocial basement dwellers

After observing the behaviors of thousands of gamers, with a focus on MMORPGs, researchers conclude that loners are the outliers, not the norm.

By March 28, 2014


Kobe, Lakers, and Dwight Howard: Antisocial media

The minute Dwight Howard decides to leave the Lakers for Houston, he is unfollowed on Twitter by Kobe Bryant. Then an Instagram account purporting to be that of the Lakers' Jodie Meeks posts a pic of Howard as a woman.

By July 6, 2013


'Hell is Other People': Anti-social media to keep you alone

Need a break from your Foursquare friends? Web app dubbed "an experiment in anti-social media" creates safe zones to help you avoid them.

By June 17, 2013


Facebook's antisocial PR pitch against Google

A prominent public relations firm admits it took aim at Google's Social Circle feature at Facebook's behest, while trying to keep the social network's hand out of view.

By May 12, 2011


Use Cloak to avoid social-network frenemies in real life

The iPhone application, which bills itself as an antisocial network, alerts you when flagged Instagram and Foursquare "friends" are close by.

By March 19, 2014


Week in review: Antisocial networking

Social-networking sites targeted by hackers, Marines, and NFL. Also, customizing Web browsers and iPhone gains.

By August 7, 2009


The 404 Podcast 513: Where we did not put that sticker there

Antisocial networking, Facebook doppelgangers, a new Heinz ketchup packet, and Jeff realizes his phone has a gender...and it's not male.

By February 5, 2010


The 404 throwback: Episode 513, February 5, 2010

Here's another throwback episode of The 404 Podcast during which we chatted about an antisocial networking site that lets your friends anonymously rag on you from the privacy of their homes. We also talked about Heinz finally redesigning its ketchup packets, and showed you our cartoon doppelgangers.

By December 30, 2011


Crave Podcast 85: CNET gets owned

This week we discuss our new lovely, attractive, talented and rich overlords, consider the idea of penalising antisocial mobile users and discuss the Microsoft Worldwide Telescope

By May 16, 2008