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Antiphishing standard in the works from Google, Facebook, others

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal, and others are working together on a standard that can be used across the Internet for blocking phishing e-mails.

By January 29, 2012


Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL join Agari anti-phishing service

Big e-mail providers to share data with startup that analyzes it for Facebook, banks, and other firms whose brands are used for phishing.

By November 29, 2011


No antiphishing feature in final Firefox 2.0 version

Mozilla says Google doesn't support older SafeBrowsing protocol so antiphishing feature will be disabled in Firefox

By December 5, 2008


Safari 3.2 includes antiphishing tools

Apple quietly adds the security feature to its latest version of Safari. It's the last of the major browser vendors to offer antiphishing protection.

By November 18, 2008


Chrome OS security: 'Sandboxing' and auto updates

Google operating system will feature many of the same security features as the Chrome browser, including "sandboxing" of applications, auto updating, and antiphishing.

By November 23, 2009


PayPal warns against Safari's lack of anti-phishing features

but users should take responsibility.

By February 28, 2008


Senate antiphishing bill outlaws...what's already illegal

Not only are senators are proposing to outlaw online scams that are already illegal, but their new bill could endanger the privacy of legitimate domain name owners.

By February 26, 2008


New antiphishing shield serves up ads

Software displays a Yahoo search page, including sponsored ads, when surfing to a known phishing site or mistyping a Web address.

By March 27, 2007


Newly released Opera 9.5 bundles more protection

The latest version of Opera Software's browser, code-named Kestrel, includes Haute Secure antimalware security, as well as Netcraft antiphishing software.

By June 12, 2008


New and Noteworthy: Leopard screenshots fake; Symantec to offer anti-phishing software; more

New and Noteworthy: Leopard screenshots fake; Symantec to offer anti-phishing software; more

By June 26, 2006