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Feds say 'Oops!' in anti-hacking deal

An update to an international accord potentially opens everyone to attacks, something the US government didn't figure out until after it was signed.

By January 27, 2016


From 'WarGames' to Aaron Swartz: How U.S. anti-hacking law went astray

The 1983 movie "WarGames" led to an anti-hacking law with felony penalties aimed at deterring intrusions into NORAD. Over time, it became broad and vague enough to ensnare the late Aaron Swartz.

By March 13, 2013


Court narrows prosecutors' use of anti-hacking law

Appeals court rejects government's interpretation of a nearly 30-year-old act, ruling it was intended to prosecute computer hacking, not misappropriation of trade secrets.

By April 10, 2012


Syrian dissidents besieged by malware attacks

Under the guise of protecting users' computers from cyberattacks, AntiHacker instead infects computers with spyware. And its main target: Syrian activists.

By August 15, 2012


Germany's new antihacking law: Bad for security?

Some charge that a new move to criminalize "hacking tools" as of Saturday could stunt legitimate security research, as some choose to exit Deutschland altogether.

By August 13, 2007


U.K. funds push for antihacker tools

Effort aims to speed up development of products to plug holes in businesses' IT defenses.

By April 12, 2006


Kaspersky Anti-Hacker

Anti-Hacker does the basic job of a personal firewall, but it's no competition for ZoneAlarm or a complete security suite.

By January 29, 2003

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Anti-hacking copyright law to get review

Federal copyright regulators are opening the door for new exceptions to a controversial copyright law that has landed one publisher in court and a Russian programmer in jail.

By October 11, 2002


Anti-hacker site raises hackles of online underworld

AntiOnline.com, once a place where hackers bragged about their exploits, is now an online security site used to catch them.

June 30, 2000


Firm offers antihack insurance

A security company is offering insurance of up to $250,000 if a malicious hacker successfully attacks a customer's network.

June 15, 1998