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Friday Poll: Most marvelous medical marvel?

This week brought lots of cool health-related news, leading some readers to express amazement at the scope of today's medical innovations. So, which amazes you most?

By June 25, 2010


'Plastic antibodies' sting bee venom

UC Irvine researchers create toxin-capturing nanoparticles that successfully stop bee venom in the bloodstream of mice and could one day have implications for other toxins, too.

By June 21, 2010


Introducing the 10-cent dipstick blood-type test

Researchers in Australia unveil a portable new paper-based test that, at just 10 cents, could improve medical treatments in the developing world.

By June 11, 2010


New blood test speeds up cancer detection

The University of Nottingham and spinoff company Oncimmune have developed a blood test that could help detect cancer as many as five years earlier than mammography and CT scans.

By June 2, 2010


'Rapid tests' target STD-tropical disease combos

New tests that use rapid flow-through technology to detect disease combinations, including HIV and malaria, are an industry first, according to developer.

By August 11, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 918: The incredible, edible car

Within 15 years, cars will be made of seaweed. But will they be edible? That's your next task, auto industry. We also make book recommendations, give medical advice, and generally just try to help. Oh, and we talk about exploding donut factories.

By February 25, 2009


Sexism pays: Tech CEOs astounded

Research from the University of Florida suggests that men with sexist attitudes get paid more.

By September 24, 2008