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Got some Dane in your DNA? Do a happy dance

While global happiness research tends to focus on economic and sociological factors, one study says genes close to the makeup of Denmark's DNA up your chance at bliss.

By July 31, 2014


A new antidepressant really turns women on

Flibanserin, designed to fight depression, turns out to be a poor antidepressant but a great libido booster in women who report low sex drives, new studies find.

By November 16, 2009


Antidepressants don't work for you? This could be why

What causes depression has been oversimplified, resulting in drugs that treat stress but not necessarily depression, according to new research out of Northwestern University.

By October 27, 2009


Ecstasy treatment draws rave reviews

Psychiatrists use party drug to treat veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.

By March 7, 2009


Play Tom Cruise on your cell phone

Hands-On Mobile is releasing Top Gun: Gulf Crisis to mark 20 years of the movie.

By November 29, 2006