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anti-spyware coalition


Anti-spyware guidelines get final version

A coalition of software companies agree on standard methods for identifying and combating spyware.

By January 12, 2006


Group pitches anti-spyware guidelines

Anti-Spyware Coalition gives final definition of spyware, as it works toward industry standards.

By October 27, 2005


'Best practices' for antispyware makers finalized

Anti-Spyware Coalition documents are designed to help companies identify malicious software and overcome conflicts with each other.

By March 15, 2007


Recommendations released for antispyware firms

The Anti-Spyware Coalition offers "Best Practices" and "Conflict Indentification" guidelines for antispyware manufacturers.

By January 25, 2007


Group delivers definition of spyware

Newly formed Anti-Spyware Coalition hopes its work will help consumers keep their PCs clean.

By July 11, 2005