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iPhone 4 through the ages: From 'antennagate' to iOS 7 (pictures)

From its announcement in 2010 to iOS 7 and eventual discontinuation, we look back at the iPhone 4's history.

36 Images By December 2, 2013


A last echo of iPhone 'antennagate' -- $15 checks

It was one of the biggest tech stories of 2010: performance problems with the then-new iPhone 4. Now finally comes the payout from the inevitable class action lawsuits.

By April 23, 2013


Apple's Maps mess? 'Antennagate' was messier

A new consumer-research survey says people just don't care about Apple's Maps software like they did about iPhone 4 antenna issues.

By October 12, 2012


iPhone 'Antennagate' site offers payout to users

iPhone 4 owners may be eligible for a payout from Apple now that a class action lawsuit was settled last month. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on the history of the "Antennagate" issues and why Apple may now have to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars.

March 29, 2012


iPhone 4S battery issue reminiscent of 'antennagate'

Even though it hasn't gotten quite the attention of last year's iPhone 4 antenna ordeal, users are asking Apple for answers about less-than-expected battery life on its newest phone. Will Apple answer? History says yes.

By November 1, 2011


iPhone 4 Antennagate site goes live, lets you collect $15

A page for iPhone 4 owners following the so-called "Antennagate" scandal who can now collect their $15 or a free bumper from a class action lawsuit.

By March 29, 2012


Settlement reached in iPhone 4 antennagate suit

Original iPhone 4 buyers can get either $15 or a new bumper case from Apple as part of a newly settled class-action lawsuit.

By February 17, 2012


Consumer Reports reignites 'Antennagate,' cites Apple's Verizon iPhone 4 issues

Renewing an issue that just does not seem to want to die, Consumer Reports says Apple's Verizon iPhone 4 suffers from the same "death grip" antenna issues as the original device, released last summer amid widespread controversy.

By February 25, 2011


Cisco hires iPhone 'antenna-gate' exec

Cisco Systems hires the former Apple exec in charge of design and engineering for the gadget that sparked an infamous PR debacle for Steve Jobs and Co.

By November 13, 2010


Digital City 89: Antennagate fallout, plus we test iPad cases and Hulu Plus

On this week's episode, we look back at the Steve Jobs Apple iPhone 4 Antennagate press conference (which had Dan and Scott busy providing talking head commentary for TV news stations); plus a peek at some very cool iPad cases, talk about the new Xbox Live game Limbo, and a test-drive of Hulu Plus.

By July 20, 2010