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'Scribble' drawing pad animates your doodles

Art and design students from the University of Michigan create a handheld touch-screen toy that lets users turn digital drawings into animation sequences.

By June 2, 2010


Picture the possibilities with 3D Lego animations

Lego's Digital Box display units use 3D augmented reality to illustrate what finished Lego kits will look like. The AR displays will be set up in Lego stores worldwide.

By April 23, 2010


Supreme Court voids law on animal cruelty videos

Justices conclude 1999 law intended to ban Web videos of small animals being crushed is "overbroad" and would ban mainstream hunting programs too.

By April 20, 2010


Politician on Facebook: Anime proof that two nukes weren't enough

A New Hampshire state representative apologizes after offering his feelings for anime in an interesting post on Facebook.

By March 28, 2010


Man marries animated pillow

A Korean man marries a pillow with the image of Fate Testarossa, a magical figure from a Japanese anime series, imprinted on it. Can this love last?

By March 11, 2010


Google doodle animates Newton's apples

In a delightful homage to Sir Isaac Newton, Google makes its doodle move, as an apple falls from a tree. It's the great mathematician's birthday January 4.

By January 4, 2010


Rock and roll! The Muppets' Animal stars in iPhone game

Pit your drum skills against everybody's favorite manic Muppet. The game combines elements of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and even the old classic Simon.

By December 21, 2009


WiiWaa: Fun for kids, coma for animal controller

To play WiiWaa, the user bounces and shakes a stuffed monster around as the onscreen version moves in kind. It's a cute concept, but we feel kind of bad for the puppet who's forced to swallow a gadget and then get shaken into a coma.

By November 10, 2009


The worst-named blog in human (and animal) history

For some strange reason, PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has chosen to name its blog in a way that evokes some of the most unethical behavior in the world.

By September 21, 2009


Gifsoup turns YouTube vids into animated GIFs

Ever wanted to make your own animated GIF from something like a video? Gifsoup lets you do it with YouTube videos, and with minimal effort.

By September 21, 2009