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Google subtracts MathML from Chrome, and anger multiplies

Because of security and performance issues, Google's browser will rely on a JavaScript workaround, not native support, for showing math equations. That's angered researchers who like the Web standard.

By Nov. 5, 2013


Anger spreads faster than joy on China's social network

A study examining human emotion on Sina Weibo shows that angry posts are passed along at a far higher rate than those of joy, sadness, or disgust.

By Sep. 16, 2013


U.S. embassy Facebook video sparks anger from Pakistanis

After a video on how the U.S. ambassador spends his day off was posted to Facebook, hundreds of citizens take to the social network to voice their thoughts on the U.S. presence in Pakistan.

By Jun. 13, 2013


Biofeedback video game helps kids control anger

In RAGE Control, users with elevated heart rates lose the ability to shoot enemy spaceships and must calm down to get their game back on.

By Oct. 25, 2012


Tech VIPs, family take to Web with sorrow, anger over Swartz

Tim Berners-Lee and Lawrence Lessig are among those who express sorrow and/or anger at Aaron Swartz's suicide. Swartz's family announces memorial Web site and also points finger at federal prosecutors and MIT.

By Jan. 12, 2013


Man destroys T-Mobile store in a fit of anger

Footage shows a man in Manchester, England, ripping posters from the walls of a T-Mobile store and doing other unspeakable things. What might the carrier have done to upset him?

By Jul. 2, 2012


Twitter CEO touts 'true platform,' ignores developer anger

On "Charlie Rose," Dick Costolo says Twitter is focusing on a "consistent experience" and that this justifies restrictions on developers of third-party apps. The question of controlling ad profits goes unaddressed.

By Sep. 19, 2012


IoSafe Rugged Portable review: Anger management alternative

CNET editor Dong Ngo gives his take on IoSafe's disaster-resistant portable hard drive, the Rugged Portable.

By May. 17, 2011


E-mail anger meter gets sensitivity training

New version of ToneCheck, a "spell-checker" for sentiment, gets improved, thanks to other users' angry e-mails.

By Mar. 9, 2011


Angry Birds theme park game may not anger Rovio

Window of the World transformed Angry Birds into a real-world attraction without permission from the game's designers. But according to reports, Rovio is looking to partner up.

By Sep. 8, 2011