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How to use WiFi Upload on VLC for iOS

After a lengthy hiatus, VLC is back for iOS. The new version includes the WiFi Upload feature, which lets you wirelessly upload video files to your iOS device from a Web browser.

By July 19, 2013


Android Update

Android OS, app and device news


No more rewind on many SiriusXM channels

Version 2.0.2 of SiriusXM iPhone app doesn't bring back rewind feature to all stations.

By April 30, 2012


Dolphin gets $10 million boost from Sequoia, others

MoboTap, the company that makes the mobile browser for Android OS, reportedly plans to use some of the funding for such projects as making the premium version of the app free and developing an iOS version.

By July 18, 2011


The hardware guts of your Android phone

It turns out that Google lays down relatively very few hardware laws for your Android smartphone to see the light of day. What does that mean, especially compared to Windows Phones?

By November 3, 2010


Using your Android phone with your car stereo (How To)

In a world populated with "Works with iPhone" devices, the uninformed Android phone owner might feel neglected and confused by the lack of Android-specific solutions for listening to their music on the road. Fret not, ye Android-loyal.

By February 25, 2010


Android 2.0.1 for Droid users coming soon

Verizon says Android 2.0.1 upgrade to Droid users will be coming soon.

By December 3, 2009


Android Team announces revisions to SDKs

The Google Android team release updates to various versions of the Android SDK. Find out what's new here.

By December 4, 2009


HTC Droid Eris to get Android update in 2010

Verizon announces that it will bring an OS update to the HTC Droid Eris in the first quarter of 2010.

By December 4, 2009


You got a Motorola Droid. Now what?

CNET editors round up accessories and applications for your newly purchased Motorola Droid.

By December 10, 2009


Dialed In 107: Nokia slows down

It's been a slow week but we still have quite a bit of cell phone news for you. We hear that Nokia will be slowing down smartphone production, that Android updates are imminent, and that the FCC is asking Verizon some tough questions about ETF. We also ch

By December 9, 2009