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Adobe Lightroom mobile for iPhone and Android phone

For rating and flagging photos already in Lightroom while you're killing time or for quick, rough edits, it's good. But the phone version of Lightroom mobile needs more features before it feels essential.

By January 15, 2015

3.5 stars Editors' rating January 15, 2015

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Nokia's Elop on selling an Android phone that's not an Android phone

In an interview with CNET, Stephen Elop weighs in on the marketing strategy for the Nokia X family of phones, teases the next Lumia, and shares his thoughts on wearables.

By February 24, 2014


How to free up space on your Android phone or tablet

No more room at the inn, and no expansion slot for adding more? Here are some strategies for reclaiming precious Android storage.

By July 25, 2016


The ZTE ZMax Pro is a $99 Android phone with impressive specs

CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at ZTE's new mid-range device.

By July 21, 2016


Nokia-branded Android phones could launch this year

Hey, if Pokemon can make a comeback, maybe Nokia can too. A Nokia fan site reports high-end Nokia phones equipped with Android Nougat are set to debut around next winter.

By July 18, 2016


How to tell if your Android phone has the HummingBad malware

HummingBad is bad news. Luckily you can find out if you're affected and do something about it.

By July 5, 2016


BlackBerry is reportedly building three new Android phones

Neon, Argon and Mercury: we'll see one new BlackBerry each quarter, according to this report.

By July 1, 2016


Amazon discounts Android phones, if you're willing to see ads

Amazon is bringing its "special offers" discounts to two non-Amazon products. Is viewing ads on the phones worth the savings?

By June 29, 2016


PlayStation Vue live TV service now available on Roku, hits Android phones next week (hands-on)

The app for Sony's live TV service, which offers a variety of TV channels nationwide starting at $30 per month, is now available for download on Roku streaming sticks, boxes and TVs, with an Android mobile app coming soon.

By June 21, 2016


Apple could bring iMessage to Android phones, report says

At its WWDC conference Monday, the iPhone maker could announce a move to bring its messaging software to millions of people using Google-powered phones.

By June 10, 2016