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'Twitch Plays Pokemon' is now a fight for the soul of the Internet

Can we all just work together? New "democracy" and "anarchy" modes in the live-streaming game experiment reveal the split personality of the Internet.

By February 19, 2014


'Glee,' 'Sons of Anarchy' in new Netflix, Fox deal

Netflix has inked a deal with Twentieth Century Fox that will see "Glee" and "Sons of Anarchy" come to its streaming service, along with other content.

By April 1, 2011


Saints Row: The Third taste of anarchy

Call it a guilty pleasure or mindless explosive fun, but Saints Row: The Third's over-the-top chaotic gameplay is almost impossible to not enjoy.

By November 17, 2011


Anarchy on the Internet

The U.S. gives up control of the Internet's domain-name regulator, and Molly predicts anarchy on the Nets!

October 23, 2009



Rory Reid from CNET.co.uk joins us to talk all things tech. iPhones won't help you get laid in the U.S. or the U.K., Speed Racer looks like an abomination and Randall's stuffy nose ruins the show.

By May 9, 2008


The Queen of England dumps Red Hat - anarchy in the UK?

Those royals. They're so fickle.

By January 8, 2008


Gaming preview: 'Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned'

The first of two exclusive Xbox 360 downloadable extensions to "Grand Theft Auto IV" hits the console on February 17. The "Lost and the Damned" expands the "GTA IV" universe by putting you in the boots of a motorcycle gang member (think "GTA" meets "Sons of Anarchy"). Besides a completely separate story from the original "GTA IV" game, "The Lost and the Damned" will also introduce various 16-player multiplayer modes.

February 17, 2009


Sanity, not anarchy in the U.K.

The U.K. continues to show the way on intellectual property law, rejecting an extension to its 50-year copyright term.

By July 25, 2007


Blog offers rare glimpse inside the chaos

Employees holed up in a New Orleans skyscraper document the aftermath of Katrina using an online journal and Webcam. Photos: Anarchy in New Orleans

By September 2, 2005