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Reporters' Roundtable: Can anyone top the iPad? AnandTech, CNET experts debate.

Today is iPad 2 launch day, so we're talking about the tablet industry. Is Apple's tablet platform unstoppable? Will developers give it up for Android? Does Microsoft still have a shot? And what about HP and RIM? Watch the discussion.

By March 11, 2011


Surface Pro 2 gets battery boost from latest update

A recent firmware update for the new version of Microsoft's Windows 8.1 tablet increases the battery life on a single charge, says Anandtech.

By November 4, 2013


iPad Mini displays fewer colors than does iPad Air, says report

Though it boasts a Retina display, the new iPad Mini is still stuck with the same color palate found in the first edition, says Anandtech.

By November 18, 2013


Apple's 64-bit A7 chip not quad-core, says chip expert

Apple's A7 appears to be a dual-core design, bucking a quad-core trend in the Android world. But two cores provide plenty of horsepower, says Anandtech.

By September 18, 2013


Intel-based Windows 8 tablet beats Surface, but 'bug' cited

Tablets based on Intel's new power-efficient Atom chip are faster than ARM rivals on central processing unit benchmarks, according to chip site Anandtech -- which also cites a "bug" that delayed shipment of systems.

By December 20, 2012


Anand sets the record straight on solid-state drives

Link to Anandtech feature on SSD storage

By March 19, 2009


Intel smartphone chip No. 1 in some benchmarks, says report

An Intel reference design phone with the new chip is showing solid performance in some important benchmarks, beating devices such as the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus, says chip review site Anandtech.

By January 12, 2012


Apple antenna issue a 'physics problem,' not a software problem

Tech blog Anandtech goes hands-on with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and Nexus One to find out if the antenna issue is unique to the iPhone 4's hardware or software.

By June 30, 2010


Retina iPad mini displays fewer colours than iPad Air, other tablets

AnandTech's review of the new iPad mini shows it has a smaller colour range than the iPad Air, as well as other tablets like the new Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

By November 18, 2013