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Avoid the need to amputate your own arm with the Spot Connect satellite communicator

If you've ever needed to cut off your own arm when trapped down a canyon, you'll know how valuable the Spot Connect can be. It'll let you send an SOS signal from almost anywhere.

4 Images By January 5, 2011


The 404 Weekend Throwback: Episode 273, 02/05/09

Now you can get your weekend 404 fix with throwback episodes coming atcha every Saturday! Check out this one from February of this year- grocery bagging competitions, DTV delays, voluntary amputation, wikipedia editing, and the best place to spend spring

By July 25, 2009


Virtual reality can ease phantom limb pain

A system that gives patients the feeling of having their missing limbs has been shown to alleviate amputation-related pain.

By November 14, 2006


Odd buys are everywhere

Like an online flea market, eBay attracts collectors of the strangest items. An amputation saw, anyone?

February 24, 1999