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Amplitude reboot brings the noise

The next gen version of Amplitude looks and sounds great, but does it have enough variety to keep you entertained?

By January 5, 2016


Harmonix plans Amplitude reboot after successful Kickstarter campaign

Game developer secures more than $775,000 in crowdfunding to remake the classic PlayStation 2 music-based game.

By May 23, 2014


Short Take: Amplitude unveils EventCenter

Amplitude Software has released a Web-based, automated package for event and calendar publishing. Priced at $2,995, EventCenter is a server-based and browser-independent application to help nontechnical people publish and update event information, such as seminars, training meetings, or lectures, to the Web. The application runs on Windows NT and supports Microsoft Information Internet Server and Netscape Communications Enterprise Server.

By August 13, 1997


Short Take: Critical Path to acquire calendaring company

Messaging systems provider Critical Path said it will acquire Amplitude Software, a maker of calendaring and scheduling tools, for an undisclosed sum. Critical Path focuses on providing outsourced email and messaging services for corporations, Web portals, and Internet service providers.

June 23, 1999


Short Take: Amplitude releases scheduling software

Amplitude Software released Reserve Workgroup Version 1, a new version of the company's intranet software for reserving rooms, facilities, and other resources. Workgroup, designed for workgroups and smaller companies with between 10 and 50 resources, costs $795 for the first 10 resources and $495 for every 10 after that. A 30-day free trial can be downloaded from the company's Web site.

By March 3, 1997