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Watch real-life 'Captain America' save the day

A US Army captain just happened to don a "Captain America" T-shirt on his day off, and it turned out to be an appropriate uniform.

By May 20, 2015


Kickstarter of the week: America's Fighting Dinosaur

What if the US Army had had a dinosaur on its side during the Second World War?

By September 11, 2012


'America's Army' to upgrade this year

This week, the U.S. Army announced that the much-anticipated America's Army 3 would be released sometime this year, however it hasn't stated exactly when.

By January 23, 2009


America's Army 3 beta keys (maybe) going fast

If you hurry, the time may be nigher than you think. FilePlanet has beta keys for America's Army 3--the Unreal-Engine-3-powered, latest version of the America's Army franchise.

By May 22, 2009


U.S. Army's handy EFP

The M2 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition: America's explosively formed projectile (EFP)

By February 26, 2007


America's SOCOM Battle Army: Rogue Spear

America's SOCOM Battle Army: Rogue Spear

By July 26, 2005


Images: 'America's Army' plays for real

The realism of the free game not only attracts potential recruits--it also brings an enthusiastic core of game designers.

February 17, 2005


Librarians to P2P critics: Shhh!

In a hotly contested lawsuit before a federal appeals court, peer-to-peer companies Streamcast Networks and Grokster are about to gain a vast army of allies: America's librarians.

By September 25, 2003


Army hopes for gaming fireworks

"America's Army" will storm the shores of the Internet at "0001 hours" on Independence Day with a payload weighing in at 220MB.

By July 3, 2002