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The AME 2000, one of the world's most secure phones (pictures)

Motorola Solutions, the non-Google Moto division, creates an Android phone called the AME 2000 that's so secure, the NSA wants one. Well, more than one. See what makes this superspy phone so unique.

7 Images By March 1, 2013


NASA Ames to host world's largest airship

In a new partnership with E-Green Technologies, the Mountain View, Calif., NASA facility will host a 235-foot-long and 65-foot-wide airship that runs on algae-based biofuel.

By December 8, 2010


Aircraft fire training at NASA Ames (audio slideshow)

NASA Ames Research Center hosts an emergency preparedness event certifying departments in FAA firefighting procedures.

By October 9, 2010


NASA Ames' director talks Yuri's Night, Google, and more

At the annual celebration of the first human exploration of space, the director of NASA's Silicon Valley research center opens up about the facility's plans.

By April 13, 2008


Demo panel previews new power monitoring initiatives

Representatives from Google, Tendril, and AMEE want to save power, and save the planet.

By March 3, 2009


IBM snags a deal at Ames

IBM Global Services inks a five-year, $112 million outsourcing deal to support all of the core information technology systems for Ames department stores.

June 10, 1999