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No password is safe from this new 25-GPU computer cluster

The setup uses 25 AMD Radeon graphics cards and can make 350 billion guesses per second. All eight-character passwords fall in hours; some take only six minutes.

By December 10, 2012


Acer's new 15-inch, under-$500 AMD laptop, the Aspire 5253

The 15.6-inch Acer Aspire 5253 starts at under $500, thanks to AMD's new low-cost E-350 processor.

By January 5, 2011


AMD cuts jobs, reduces costs

Advanced Micro Devices trims about 350 jobs as part of a previously announced cost-cutting plan aiming to save the company $350 million in 2003.

By February 20, 2003


Short Take: Enchilada bundles free Net access

Enchilada, which gained attention for offering a free computer to people willing to sign up for the company's Internet service, has announced it will begin selling a computer priced at $399. That price includes unlimited Internet access and computer with a 350-MHz AMD processor, 32MB of memory, 3.2GB hard drive, and no monitor.

June 14, 1999


AMD beefs up K6

The company is promising to ship hundreds of thousands of the new 350-MHz version of its K6-2 processor.

By August 27, 1998


Short Take: Umax unveils notebooks

Umax introduced two new notebooks with the 350-MHz AMD K6-2 processor. The ActionBook 335T has a 12.1-inch active matrix display and the 535T comes with a 13.3-inch active matrix display. Both come with 4.3GB hard disk drive, 32MB of memory, a CD-ROM and modem, and are priced starting at $1,599.

February 1, 1999


Windows 95 patch for K6-2 chips now free

The patch corrects an obscure glitch that occurs when Windows 95 is run on AMD K6-2 processors running at 350-MHz or faster.

By November 25, 1998