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Why eye doctors may soon prescribe Tetris

Researchers at McGill University say the video game distributes information between the eyes in a way that trains them to work together and could ultimately help treat lazy eye.

By April 22, 2013


The 404 1,054: Where we're gonna need to see some ID (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 show: Disney Touche project turns any object into a button, emo-haired youth more likely to develop lazy eyes, and 25 bars in San Francisco will soon employ ID customers using facial recognition technology.

By May 15, 2012


The 404 932: Where one size misfits all (podcast)

On today's 404 podcast, we'll chat about Anonymous threats to Fox News and Facebook, Unreal Tournament to cure lazy eye, Netflix's plummeting stock, and perverted TSA notes, and we welcome our newest intern, Jon Bon Jovi.

By October 25, 2011


Lazy eye? Playing video games might help

A new study finds that participants with amblyopia showed significant improvements in visual acuity and 3D depth perception after clocking in a total of 40 hours playing video games.

By September 2, 2011


Study: Video game play may improve eyesight

Playing action video games may help adults improve their ability to notice subtle differences in shades of gray, according to a study.

By March 29, 2009