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Amanda Palmer confronts the 'current nightmare of the modern musician' (Q&A)

The controversial musician and performance artist talks to CNET about Spotify, Kickstarter, and whether the music industry is killing the musicians it needs.

By April 3, 2014


Exposure: Amanda Gilligan

Sydney-based photographer Amanda Gilligan showcases her collection of Polaroid and medium format images on this month's Exposure.

15 Images By February 1, 2009


'Riding on the future': My first time on an electric unicycle

Crave writer Amanda Kooser overcomes her distrust of unicycles by ruling the road on the Focus Designs SBU V3 self-balancing electric unicycle.

By September 12, 2014


Whopper of a Burger King deal: A side of free smartphone

Burger King offers a free Android smartphone with your chicken fries, but the fine print shows it's business as usual. Crave's Amanda Kooser digs in.

By August 25, 2014


Can Amanda Congdon prove 'Rocketboom' was no fluke?

Former host of Rocketboom is back doing video blogging after failing to make the jump from quirky video blog to mainstream media.

By May 19, 2008


Rocketboom sans Amanda

The Rocketboom video blog is on hiatus and hopes to relaunch on July 10 with a new presenter. While Amanda Congdon says on her Amanda UnBoomed blog that she was forced to leave the partnership, of which she owned a 49 percent stake, and is currently living in Connecticut, Rocketboom claims that she has left to pursue an acting career. CNET interviewed Congdon at San Francisco's Vloggercon in June. She hinted then that she was drawn to acting.

November 1, 2007


Prefer laptops to lace? One geek's guide to a simpler wedding

With an impending wedding, Crave writer and budget-minded geek Amanda Kooser is putting technology to work planning for the big day.

By May 22, 2014


Amanda Congdon's crossover dreams fade

ABCNews.com was wrong venue for quirky former host of Web show Rocketboom.

By September 24, 2007


Amanda Congdon vlogging for DuPont

blog Is producing video blogs for the chemical giant and ABCNews.com a conflict of interest?

By March 20, 2007


Amanda Congdon's road show

By September 28, 2006