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Sony MDR D777LP Altus

The new Sony Altus MDR-D777LP headphones aren't quite up to audiophile standards, but they do have some interesting features and offer good sound quality for the price. Frequent fliers who find in-ear 'buds uncomfortable should take heed.

By March 23, 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating March 23, 2007

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Sony touts Altus streaming-audio line

CNET's David Carnoy joins Sony's Gerry Roberts to discuss the Japanese electronics company's new line of streaming-audio products, dubbed Altus, which are set to be available exclusively through Best Buy.

August 18, 2009


Sony expands S-Air wireless audio line with Altus products

The offshoot of Sony's existing S-Air line of wireless audio products will get prominent placement at Best Buy.

By August 18, 2009


Sony Altus wireless audio products--photos

The offshoot of Sony's existing S-Air line of wireless audio products will be sold exclusively through Best Buy.

6 Images By August 18, 2009


Linux server company releases new models

Penguin Computing, a San Francisco maker of computers running the Linux operating system, released two new rack-mountable servers and a workstation this week. The 1.75-inch thick Relion 115 and 125 servers accommodate 4GB of memory and two 1.26GB Pentium III CPUs--each with a 512k cache. The 115 uses lower-end IDE hard drives; the 125 uses faster, but more expensive, SCSI drives. Penguin also sells Altus servers using Advanced Micro Devices CPUs. The Relion 405 Tower workstation uses dual 1.26GHz Pentium III CPUs, but accommodates as many as six SCSI hard drives. A Relion 115 with two 1.26GHz processors and 1GB of memory costs about $3,800, according to Penguin's Web site.

By January 16, 2002