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Kazaa to return as subscription service

The name was once associated with piracy but Altnet plans to launch a legal subscription music service that features music from the top labels.

By July 17, 2009


Labels seek to block Altnet revenue-share

Record labels have asked an Australian court to block peer-to-peer company Altnet's ad-revenue-sharing program.

By March 3, 2005


Altnet to share ad cash with labels

The P2P company will split revenue collected by file-swapping companies with certain record labels.

By March 1, 2005


Altnet seeks patent royalties from P2P

File-swapping companies find themselves on same side as the recording industry in patent dispute.

By January 12, 2005


At trial, Altnet-Kazaa link examined

In the music industry's suit against Sharman, owner of P2P software Kazaa, witness testifies about role of partner Altnet.

By December 15, 2004


Altnet says P2P spies violate patent rights

The company, which legally distributes files through Kazaa and other peer-to-peer services, has sent legal threats to nine companies that monitor or meddle with file-trading networks.

By November 11, 2003


Altnet to pay Kazaa users for swapping

A year after launching its sometimes-controversial alliance with Kazaa, Altnet is kicking off a new, ambitious stage of its peer-to-peer marketing campaign.

By June 1, 2003


Peer to peer on the hot seat

roundup Trial against Sharman digs into relationship between Kazaa, Altnet. Also: FTC looks at consumer side of peer to peer.

By December 15, 2004


P2P company sues RIAA over patent

Altnet says industry's copyright enforcement efforts have infringed on its technology rights

By September 8, 2004