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Alphadog and Noughtycat

Welcome to Alphadog and Noughtycat!Join Alphadog and Noughtycat on their first fun adventure for iPad and learn how they first became friends. Read...


Alphadog & Noughtycat

Welcome to Alphadog and Noughtycat! Join Alphadog and Noughtycat on their first fun adventure for iPhone and learn how they first became friends....

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Toni Leigh 2009 Calendar

About Toni..:: ::..Ethnicity: ChineseBirthday: Jan 29thHeight: 56Weigh: 105 lbsMeasurements: 32C, 23, 35Location: Beverly Hills/LA, CAEducation:...

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dietSNAPS is not your average diet & food tracker. We dont count calories. We dont weigh our portions. We do something very different: we STOP and...


Can you outrun it? DARPA's WildCat robot gallops at 16 mph

This mechanized hellspawn can run around beautifully, while new footage of a robot mule and humanoid show them devouring challenging terrain.

By October 4, 2013


Domo arigato, Mr Atlas

Move over, AlphaDog: the "six-foot-two, 330-pound" humanoid Atlas is the new top robot in town.

By July 11, 2013


Run! DARPA's LS3 robot mule follows you around

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure to get a BIG surprise. You'll be tracked by this robotic Hound of the Baskervilles from Boston Dynamics.

By September 10, 2012


All hope lost as Cheetah robot outruns Usain Bolt

Clocking a new speed record for legged robots, DARPA's robo-cheetah can hunt you down at more than 28 mph. You'll be safe if you never leave your car.

By September 5, 2012


DARPA's Cheetah becomes fastest legged robot

DARPA's back with another fear-inducing animal robot. You can try to outrun the Cheetah, but you'll probably fail, so here's to our new robot overlords.

By March 5, 2012


DARPA takes bigger BigDog out for walkies

Boston Dynamics' supersized AlphaDog gets let off the leash in a forest. This is one monster robot--check out the DARPA video for yourself.

By February 8, 2012


DARPA plans 'Avatar' surrogate robots

The agency apparently wants to create remotely operated bipedal machines that could perform some soldiering duties. Flying dragons not included.

By February 19, 2012


Petman robot soldier shows off with push-ups

Boston Dynamics' Petman humanoid soldier looks pretty confident strutting its stuff on the treadmill.

By October 31, 2011


Run! Here comes BigDog's bigger brother

AlphaDog is a bigger, tougher evolution of Boston Dynamics' BigDog military mule robot. A natural alpha male.

By September 30, 2011


This Week in Crave: The Fired-up edition

This week, we sat by the Fire, hugged an iTree, and ran in terror from a robotic beast.

By October 1, 2011