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Moving molecules at IBM Almaden

Big Blue scientists are aiming for breakthroughs to help computers sift through the exabytes of data that have become a fact of life.

By February 4, 2008


Researchers delve into the human factor

Computer scientists, academics and others gather at IBM's Almaden Research Center to swap ideas on how to better understand the ways in which people interact with machines.

By July 16, 2003


Short Take: Compaq hires cryptography expert

Compaq Computer announced that Dr. Cynthia Dwork has been named research staff Fellow. Dwork joins Compaq Corporate Research from IBM's Almaden Research Center, where she spent 15 years working in distributed algorithms, complexity theory, and cryptography. "Dwork's groundbreaking theoretical contributions and technology transfer experience will have a significant and long-term impact on Compaq," said Bob Iannucci, vice president of corporate research at Compaq.

By July 28, 2000


Notebook drives to slim down

IBM's Almaden labs demonstrate ultraslim hard drive technology that could eventually be used in notebook PCs.

By December 30, 1996