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What's Adobe's 64-bit Flash plan?

Adobe Systems pulled the plug on its only 64-bit version of Flash, an experimental version for Linux. But the project remains a "high priority."

By June 21, 2010


Acer is filling the summer with laptops, tablets, smartphones and gaming monitors

With a smattering of new laptops and hybrids, a couple tablets and its first smartphone in the US, Acer fleshes out its 2015 lineup for back-to-school shoppers.

By April 23, 2015


Nvidia unveils Tegra K1 graphics chip

Kicking off CES festivities in Las Vegas on Sunday, the company announces the next generation of its mobile chip.

By January 5, 2014


iTunes 7.6 released: Windows Vista 64-bit can now sync iPhone

iTunes 7.6 released: Windows Vista 64-bit can now sync iPhone

By January 15, 2008


Adobe's professional cloud push arrives at its final destination

Depending on your feelings about Creative Cloud, you're either going to want to pop the champagne or sharpen your pitchfork. The Creative Suite products go cloud-only, but get better integration and new features.

By May 6, 2013


Chrome beta gets just a bit faster

Chrome finds speed gains in beta by managing memory better, and tweaks some forms, some HTML5, and some offline support, too.

By April 4, 2013


How to get started with the Raspberry Pi

If the Raspberry Pi has set your coding passions alight, but you need a little advice on setting it up, you've come to the right place.

By November 27, 2012


How to prepare your PC for Windows 8

If you're planning to upgrade to Microsoft's latest OS, now might be a good time to begin preparing your PC.

By July 25, 2012


How to sync Google Docs to your PC, Dropbox-style

Ever wish your Google Docs account could perform the same syncing magic that Dropbox does? Now it can.

By December 9, 2011


Adobe makes the CS6 sales pitch

What kind of software can you buy for $2,600? Creative Suite 6, arriving in May with a long list of new features for those dealing with photo, video, Web sites, and publishing.

By April 22, 2012