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Hot trend in Japan: Gesture recognition

Chalk it up to Wii fever--Japanese companies are showing off products that users operate by making gestures or moving their fingers.

By October 3, 2007


Hand gestures on the horizon for Microsoft Virtual Earth

Hand gesture videos with snazzy graphical interfaces are total geek candy. We can't get enough. This morning we got a peek at what Microsoft Research is up to with Microsoft Virtual Earth.

By April 25, 2007


Sony NV-U51: Gesture controlled GPS

Prod and poke your way home with the NV-U51, Sony's new gesture-controlled satellite-navigation system

By October 30, 2006


'Minority Report' meets the Clapper

JVC demonstrates computer navigation by sound and gestures.

By October 10, 2007


Xtreme Reality gets your hands on the Web

Want to control apps with your hands? You might be able to soon with Xtreme Reality.

By September 18, 2007


Up with Volkswagen

Volkswagen launches the Up concept car at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show.

By September 11, 2007


Vote: Battle of the nonviolent robots (Round 1, Part 2)

These robots don't want to fight. That's why you have to pick the winners. Here's part two of the first round of our grand tournament, featuring robots from the movies and TV.

By September 2, 2007


Samsung's preemptive iPod-killers

Samsung's latest MP3 players deliver the features consumers want in a post-iPhone marketplace.

By August 27, 2007


Apple's wide touch pad idea

Apple's wide touch pad idea

By August 10, 2007


Apple playing 'chord' patterns with future devices?

A new patent application covers multitouch input methods such as the ones found in the iPhone and Macbooks, but could turn them up to 11.

By August 2, 2007