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Could 'Game of Thrones' be set on ancient Mars?

Researchers may have found the key to the mystery of ancient flowing water on Mars, but Crave's Eric Mack thinks they've also explained the weird weather in Westeros.

By November 17, 2014


Science robot ends Guinness record-breaking ocean journey

After 9,000 miles, the autonomous robot Papa Mau completed its trip across the ocean having gathered valuable scientific data along the way.

By December 5, 2012


Texas A&M cultivates algae app

An algae production calculator is available for free via the iTunes app store. There is also a Web-based version.

By June 2, 2011


Algae machine to reduce Australian coal plant CO2

MBD Energy installing first of many planned OriginOil systems for turning carbon dioxide into algae oil.

By May 24, 2011


Algae oil could dent U.S. oil imports, report says

The United States has enough land in water-rich climates to safely become a serious algae oil producer without damaging water supply.

By April 14, 2011


Algae fuel crosses paths with Monsanto, cancer research

Monsanto invests in algae research, while VG Energy claims algae scalability improved using info from cancer research.

By March 9, 2011


Long-range undersea robot does its own research

With its ability to stay at sea for weeks on end, carry loads of instruments, and travel four times faster than its predecessors, this is not your grandmother's autonomous underwater bot.

By November 3, 2010


Bill Gates invests in algae fuel

Sapphire Energy, a company that plans to make auto fuel from algae, has raised over $100 million, including a contribution from Gates' Cascade Investments.

By September 17, 2008


Joint venture to use coal emissions to grow algae for biofuels

Two companies--one in Seattle, the other in Tel Aviv--are working together to use coal plant emissions to feed algae in order to create biofuels.

By June 20, 2008


The biofuel factor in rising food prices

Biofuel gets a bad rap when it comes to the surging cost of food around the globe. It's just one small part of a larger problem.

By April 15, 2008