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Powdered alcohol approved (hiccup or hooray?)

In a decision that some might deem surprising, the Treasury Department has approved a patent for a product called Palcolhol, a powdered form of vodka and other drinks. And yes, you just add water.

By Apr. 21, 2014


'Safer alcohol': No hangovers, plus an antidote to sober you up

British neuroscientist David Nutt says his substitute booze would still be relaxing, but without the negative side effects.

By Nov. 11, 2013


Study: Anxiety and alcohol use linked to Facebook

College freshmen who report higher levels of anxiety and alcohol use are more likely to feel emotionally connected with the social networking site than those who don't.

By Apr. 12, 2013


Do not attempt: Mixing alcohol with a Krypton laser

This eye-popping video shows how Scott Stevenson sets off fireworks with precisely aligned bottles of booze.

By Mar. 24, 2013


Smarter Driver: The future of in-car alcohol detection systems.

Today an alcohol breath tester in your car is a huge stigma, but the feds are considering making them standard in all cars. Brian Cooley explains.

By Mar. 11, 2013


Episode 13, Blow then start: The future of alcohol & driving.

The alcohol detector in your car's future, our favorite cars from the Geneva auto show and top ways to add tech to your current car.

By Mar. 13, 2013


Blow then start: The future of alcohol and driving (CNET On Cars, Episode 13)

The alcohol detector in your car's future, LaFerrari and Lamborghini Veneno star at the Geneva auto show, and top ways to add tech to your current car.

By Mar. 11, 2013


Can alcohol make tech companies more creative?

A recent study suggests that though alcohol might impair one's focus a little, it might do wonders for one's creative juices.

By Aug. 11, 2012


Tweeting more tempting than alcohol, study says

Sleep and sex may be stronger urges, but people are more likely to give in to social media, a new study says.

By Feb. 5, 2012


Car Tech Live 241: Alcohol testers in every car? (podcast)

Alcohol testers in every car? Congress is considering it. Pioneer aims to beat Siri in the car, Ford Sync update to be mailed to you on a USB drive, and another step toward in-car streaming ubiquity.

By Nov. 20, 2011