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Crave giveaway: Two Alchemy Goods bags made from recycled bike tires

This week, we have two unique bags, with stuff inside: an iBattz battery case for the iPhone 6, a set of Moshi earbuds and a Sonix iPhone 5/5S case made of vintage vinyl records.

By June 26, 2015


Crave giveaway: Alchemy Goods bags made from recycled tires

This week, we have two unique bags from Seattle-based Alchemy Goods. They're made from recycled bike inner tubes and have a definite hipster vibe.

By May 9, 2014


Apple updates Logic Pro X music program with a powerful new synth and an Apple Music tie-in

The second major update to Logic Pro X in 2015 adds the well-known Alchemy synth and the ability to publish directly to Apple Music Connect.

By August 25, 2015


Dungeons & Dragon perfumes: Smell like an orc

Bathe your body in the seductive scent of orc or rogue with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's RPG series of D&D-inspired perfumes. Now you can find out what an evil half-elf smells like.

By April 22, 2011


No surround sound in Vista? Creative tries a little ALchemy

You thought Vista was super-clever didn't you? Well it's not -- it can barely manage surround-sound audio on even the most basic of games

By January 22, 2007


AMD dissolves Alchemy product line

Chipmaker also plans investment in Raza Microelectronics, the company picking up its handheld processors.

By June 13, 2006


BEA transforms mobile apps with Alchemy

The server software and tools maker aims to simplify the creation of mobile Web applications that have the same rich graphical user interface as desktop applications.

By May 26, 2004


AMD seeks Wi-Fi alchemy with new chips

The chipmaker's long-planned foray into the wireless fray is set for this month, with the launch of an Alchemy-spawned Wi-Fi chipset and reference design kit.

By November 4, 2002


Alchemy cooks up low-power chips for handhelds

The chipmaker has a new recipe for handheld devices: It includes a healthy dash of megahertz, but goes light on power consumption.

By February 5, 2001