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Oculus creator Palmer Luckey flies to Alaska to deliver first Rift VR headset to customer

It's not every day that the mastermind behind the gadget of the future drops by to hand you the device in person. But today was one of those days.

By March 26, 2016


Alaska Airlines rearranges flight to view solar eclipse

A flight from Anchorage to Honolulu was purposely delayed so that passengers could view the complete solar eclipse.

By March 9, 2016


President Obama roams Alaska with, oh, a selfie stick

Technically Incorrect: Posting to Twitter and Instagram, the president wants to highlight climate change. But a selfie stick? Is that wise?

By September 2, 2015


Jimmy Kimmel roasts Sarah Palin for climate change skepticism

Technically Incorrect: The late-night host defends 97 percent of scientists against the former governor's criticisms. And then he gets the scientists themselves to do some defending.

By May 3, 2016


Rockets glow against Alaska aurora in brilliant NASA image

The Northern Lights in Alaska provide a ghostly backdrop for a dramatic image of rockets launching into the early-morning sky.

By January 30, 2015


iPhone bursts into flames on flight, owner thought plane would crash

Technically Incorrect: An Alaska Air flight on its way to Hawaii sees a troubling occurrence. The iPhone 6's owner says there were 8-inch flames.

By March 20, 2016


When the zombie apocalypse hits, pray you're in Alaska

Real estate site Estately has compiled data on which states stand the best chance of surviving the brain eaters. Live in Alaska and you should be OK. In Jersey, you better have a good plan B.

By March 24, 2014


Apple Maps leads drivers onto Alaska airport taxiway

Drivers using Apple Maps to get to the Fairbanks International Airport apparently followed directions that told them to turn onto a taxiway. The drivers then crossed a runway to get to the terminal.

By September 25, 2013


FAA approves first commercial use of drones over land

BP energy corporation and drone maker AeroVironment are given the OK to fly an unmanned Puma aircraft over Alaska to survey pipelines, roads, and equipment.

By June 10, 2014


The Web at 25: Out of the ashes and onto the Friendster

In part 3 of his four-part series reflecting on a life lived largely on the Web, Crave's Eric Mack recalls fleeing the dot-com bust fallout for Alaska, only to be drawn back to a digital world that was growing up fast.

By March 12, 2014