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Akihabara: a quick tour

Thanks to its vast collection of electronics and anime stores, as well as game parlours, Akihabara has well and truly earned its nickname "electric town" — not that the rest of Tokyo is living in the bronze age, mind you.

23 Images By December 28, 2011


Japanese Kuratas mecha gets decked out in Microsoft Windows logos

The $1.3 million rideable robot gets the Microsoft Windows treatment for the Windows Spring Festival 2014 held at Akihabara, Japan.

By May 6, 2014


Photos: A stroll through Akihabara, gadget center of the world

Senior editor Wayne Cunningham hits the legendary gadget district in Japan in search of weird and wonderful electronics.

By October 23, 2007


Photos: A stroll through Akihabara, gadget center of the world

While in Japan for the 2007 Tokyo auto show, we took a trip through Akihabara, Japan's world-famous district of electronics shops. Akihabara includes shops tiny and large, selling everything from computers to transistors. It's an electronics wonderland.

17 Images By October 23, 2007


Tokyo's Clone Factory thinks you're a doll

Shop in Tokyo's Akihabara district will make a surprisingly realistic (or is it creepy?) little doll version of you--in case one of you isn't enough.

By August 3, 2011


Japan killings suspect allegedly posted warnings online

Man arrested in connection with Sunday's deadly rampage in the Akihabara electronics district in Japan allegedly posted information prior to the killing spree.

By June 9, 2008


Samsung Pixon 12 M8910: Snap-happy 12-megapixel touch-screen phone

According to Akihabara News, the M8910 will arrive in Europe in June. It will boast a resolution bump from the original 8-megapixel Samsung Pixon, which some users reckoned was basically an 8-megapixel Tocco.

By June 1, 2009


LED fingernail stickers detect Android smartphones

Want your hands to sparkle in a darkened club? Perhaps you're a really glamorous cell phone thief? Lumi Deco Nails include tiny LED antennas that light up when NFC signals are nearby.

By April 10, 2014


Google's April Fools' prank puts Pokemon in the real world

The search giant's latest addition to its Maps smartphone app includes 150 "catchable" Pokemon, part of a hoax we can only hope foreshadows augmented reality uses down the line.

By March 31, 2014


Sony farewells the cassette Walkman

After 33 years of life, Sony has finally discontinued production of its line of cassette Walkmans.

By December 9, 2012