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The weird things you find in a Japanese electronics shop

From face-shaping tools to cell phones for tots, Japanese electronics retailers have it all. Crave swings by Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo.

By April 9, 2013


Beats on the go: Akai's XR20

Akai announces the XR20, a portable beat station.

By October 6, 2008


Akai teases APC40 at NAMM 2009

Musical instrument manufacturer Akai reveals plans at NAMM 2009 to create the APC40 MIDI controller for the popular Ableton Live music software.

By January 15, 2009


The 404 649: Where we're too 'Loaded' to start on time (podcast)

Our good friend Rana Sobhany drops by the studio to tell us all about Destroy the Silence, her new musical project featuring just two Apple iPads and a mixer!

By August 20, 2010


Time to start that Kraftwerk cover band

The Stylophone Beatbox rekindles our fascination with old school drum machines and toy synthesizers.

By October 14, 2009


Battle of the Video Game DJ Rigs: Introducing Numark's Scratch Deck

If plastic guitars were 2007 and drums 2008, then the 2009 plastic-peripheral throwdown of choice is definitely the turntable. Enter Numark's nemesis to DJ Hero.

By May 27, 2009


Audiophile 2.0: The next generation?

Audiophiles are an endangered species, and if there's any hope for the future we need a whole new generation of audiophiles. I found one guy, it's a start.

By April 7, 2009


MP3 Insider 130: Personal radio apps for the iPhone

Donald and Jasmine discuss Pandora 2.0 and the new Slacker app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Also, a bit of info from the NAMM show and a little good-natured ribbing at Haier America's expense. Oh, and we poke some serious fun at Microsoft.

By January 15, 2009


Tenori-On now shipping in U.S.

Yamaha has announced that it is now shipping the Tenori-On electronic music instrument to U.S. customers.

By June 19, 2008


HD DVD: Just another brick in the wall of defunct formats

Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg ponders the imminent demise of HD DVD and looks back over a long history of defunct formats.

By February 19, 2008