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Airbrushing software tackles animatronics and felines

Portrait Professional 10 automatic airbrushing software gets put through its paces with the challenge of improving the looks of a fortune telling animatronic and a cat.

By June 28, 2012


How Sports Illustrated shot Kate Upton in a bikini and zero gravity

Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue has just hit newsstands, and it contains photos of a weightless Kate Upton. But shooting a supermodel in zero gravity turns out to be a lot more chaotic than it appears.

By February 18, 2014


Motorcycle helmet makes you a highway Predator

The highway can be a nightmare, but we don't think anyone would dare mess with a Predator on a motorcycle. If only this helmet were safe to wear.

By April 22, 2013


This week in Crave: The electric edition

This week, we harnessed static electricity through our fingertips and used it to rock our new folding guitar.

By June 30, 2012


Skin-like sensor flexible enough for prosthetic limbs

The new sensor's key element is a transparent film of carbon nano-springs, created by spraying nanotubes onto a thin layer of silicone, enabling the sensor to stretch and bounce back sans wrinkles.

By October 24, 2011


Playboy offers every issue of the magazine online--for a price

Now every issue of Playboy is available through the company's new subscription-based online service, i.playboy.com.

By May 19, 2011


Spotting faked photos on the Internet

From lightened skin to faked wounds, experts can use tools to analyze whether images have been doctored. But it's always harder to prove a photo is real.

By May 6, 2011


Cloud cameras, infinite focus and auto-everything: We forecast the future of imaging

Forget telephoto zooms for your eyeballs and Web-connected contact lenses, cameras of the future will be much easier to operate and almost fully automated.

By November 23, 2010


Google updates maps after Katrina 'airbrushing' incident

Under fire for replacing post-storm images with older, higher-res shots, search giant installs 2006 aerial photographs of Gulf Coast region.

By April 2, 2007


A commenter's Bill of Rights? Let's think first

A blogosphere spat triggered by a few ticked-off folks leads to a more searching conversation about the rightful extent of a commenter's prerogative.

By June 2, 2008