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No life support for the Aibo

No Vista drivers or software

By Feb. 1, 2007


Sony Aibo has been put down: An obituary

We've always loved the Aibo, despite its lethargic trot and general disobedience, but Sony have decided it's the knacker's yard for old Aibo. Crave pays its respects

By Jan. 27, 2006


Sit, Aibo, sit...good dog, this won't hurt a bit

Sit, Aibo, sit...good dog, this won't hurt a bit

By Jan. 26, 2006


For Sony Mobile, it's not enough to be smart

commentary New gadgets like the Xperia Z Ultra smartphone and the SmartWatch 2 harken back to the era when consumers considered Sony synonymous with innovation. Now let's see if that translates into something resembling volume sales.

By Jul. 5, 2013


Smartpet turns your iPhone into a cartoon pooch

Slap your iPhone or iPod Touch into this four-legged frame from the creator of Tamagotchi, spotted at the Tokyo Toy Show.

By Jun. 16, 2012


Wappy robo-dog needs Tamagotchi-like love

Both a digital pet and a robot, Wappy has a personality and skills that evolve over time.

By Feb. 22, 2011


Hop suitcase follows you around like a loyal dog

Never leave your luggage unattended with a Hop suitcase, a bag that follows around at your heels wherever you go.

By Oct. 10, 2012


RSPCAibo says, "Bring back the robodog!"

Sony had Aibo put down last week, but a cry of fury has risen from the ranks of heartbroken electronic dog owners. Forget the anti-capitalists, these protestors mean business...

By Feb. 3, 2006


Finally, an app store for robotkind

Teach your old Aibo how to guard your pad with a download from the Robot App Store.

By Jan. 4, 2012


Humanoid robot Nao wants to be friends

Humanoid robot Nao shows off its movement, interaction, and balance skills in a new video from developer Aldebaran Robotics, which plans a release in late 2010.

By Sep. 22, 2009