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Official Rosetta image reveals comet's true colors

Not long ago, the Internet was speculating that Comet 67P was on the reddish side, but a new image from the European Space Agency shows the comet goes for gray.

By December 12, 2014


Mars rover finds simple organics, but results not yet conclusive

Curiosity rover finds signs of simple organic compounds in a Martian soil sample -- but scientists say the finding won't be conclusive until tests confirm earthly contaminants aren't present.

By December 3, 2012


Uh oh. Venice hasn't stopped sinking after all

Scientists find new evidence that contradicts earlier assumptions that the lagoon city was out of trouble.

By March 20, 2012


Brazil sues Twitter users over speed trap and traffic tweets

As Brazil's attorney general files an injunction to block tweets and suspend accounts of Twitter users warning people about speed traps, the question is will Twitter work with the Brazilian government and use its new tweet removal policy?

By February 6, 2012


Study: Global shipping pollution ain't pretty

Researchers estimate worldwide commercial shipping puts out almost half as much particle pollution as cars.

By February 26, 2009


Scientific group: Cut carbon dioxide emissions in half

We've got to crack down on emissions and do it within the century, or we'll face widespread problems brought about by climate change, warns American Geophysical Union.

By January 24, 2008


Global warming worry: Accelerating pace of change

An expert frets about the accelerating retreat of glaciers from mountain peaks. With rates up to 60 meters per year, is it time to redefine the term "glacial"?

By December 13, 2007


Scientists dig deep, get cosmic at geophysics conference

At the American Geophysical Union conference, scientists discuss the ins and outs of Earth and its solar system.

By December 13, 2007


Stanford eyes offshore wind farms for Calif.

A Stanford team gives Cape Mendocino the top pick as a site for an offshore wind turbine power plant. Also: interconnect wind farms for a steady electrical supply.

By December 10, 2007


More liberal fear-mongering about global warming?

OK, so you don't believe there's a link between global warming and the uptick in heat waves? Now there's new evidence you can ignore at your own risk.

By August 3, 2007