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Companies to watch in green tech: Food and drink

You can live without electricity, but not water or food. A crop of new companies are trying to take the chemistry out of agriculture and eliminate crop pests and microbes the natural way.

By April 21, 2008


A household paint that kills germs

Mix silver particles in household paint and you can disinfect the place.

By January 22, 2008


The cheese that kills, and other nutraceuticals

A couple of start-ups say medicinal foods can help world health and be a lifestyle accessory.

By December 10, 2007


Killing fungi and bacteria, the Aussie way

Australian company Ioteq says the iodine in its Isan system will kill bacteria better than chlorine or ozone will--and it won't cost more.

By December 7, 2007


A look at good vs. destructive bacteria

CNET News.com's Michael Kanellos explores a rapidly expanding sector in the world of green tech. It's biopesticides, which refers to the use of helpful microorganisms to fight those that damage farm or garden products. Kanellos spoke with the president of AgraQuest, one of a rising number of companies promoting biopesticides.

November 1, 2007


Killing fungi softly, with ozone

Oxygen is cheap and plentiful--and a company in Livermore, Calif., is using it to kill pests on your fruit. Photos: Novazone's pest killer Video: How biopesticides work

By March 15, 2007


Hepatitis C medicine enlisted to kill weeds

blog Marrone Organic Innovations is tinkering with a way to use components of an herbal medicine as an organic weed killer.

By February 20, 2007


Company that kills germs with ozone gets $7 million

blog Company that uses ozone to purify water and keep food fresh gets more funding.

By December 14, 2006


What you don't eat will heat your home

UC Davis is working on technology that turns leftover food bits into biogas, a combination of natural gas and CO2.

By October 20, 2006


Killing bugs with nature

special report Scientists make big business out of organic pesticides as an alternative to chemicals.

By April 11, 2006