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Android apps to be age-rated for sex and violence

If you've been wary of buying your kids Android phones due to the risk of them downloading unsuitable apps, help is now at hand.

By November 25, 2010


Agere Systems Orinoco AP-200 access point

SOHO users might find the Orinoco's speed, easy setup, and high-end access attractive, but its high price and stingy tech support may leave you cold.

By July 9, 2002

4 stars Editors' rating July 9, 2002

MSRP: $199.00


Agere debuts integrated networking chip

The company says the chip combines functions that allow carriers to deliver IP-based services more cost-effectively.

By June 7, 2004


Agere makes headway in transistor market

The company signs a deal to supply NEC with RF transistors for its 3G wireless network, its second such contract in the past two weeks and a sign of its challenge to Motorola.

By January 26, 2004


Agere makes Gigabit Ethernet buy

The networking chipmaker announces the takeover of privately held Irish technology firm Massana in a bid to juice the performance of corporate networks.

By August 25, 2003


Agere's switch chip outpaces competition

The company says its new Protocol Independent Stand-Alone Switch can handle voice, data and video signals four times faster those of its rivals.

By October 21, 2002


Making disk drives the star of the show

Agere is working to make tiny drives the heart of MP3 players and other devices. But are nonstandard approaches worth the risk?

By October 11, 2004


Nokia, Agere chase China dreams

Nokia sets up a cell phone making plant in China, while Agere signs on with a Chinese phone maker. Outside of Africa, the region is among the last truly wide-open cell phone markets left.

By March 31, 2003


Agere, Ericsson team on Wi-Fi

The companies unite to offer a package of products and services intended to help Internet service providers cultivate the burgeoning wireless technology.

By October 24, 2002