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Turn a stick into a sword with the Nature Sabre sword creator

A humble branch becomes a mighty sword of truth with a clever silicone handle meant to spark imaginative journeys.

By September 17, 2015


Electric car startup Better Place liquidating after $850 million investment

In 2008, Better Place partnered with Renault to build an electric car and create a system of battery swapping stations, but the concept never gained momentum.

By May 26, 2013


Q&A: Agassi's Better Place idea--brilliant or nuts?

Shai Agassi has a bold business plan to build an electric car charging network. It's an intriguing concept, but nobody knows whether it can make money.

By April 23, 2009


Better Place signs on GE for e-car network

The electric-car services company raises $200 million from GE and others to start an EV charging and battery-swapping network in Israel, Denmark, and Australia next year.

By November 14, 2011


To infinity and beyond, on a party cruise

Meet the Summit at Sea conference, a wildly energetic melange of TED and Burning Man, where entrepreneurs from tech and other fields were encouraged to put their talent toward the greater good--and party hard in the process.

By April 13, 2011


Why a Moore's Law for green tech doesn't compute

Saying we need a Moore's Law for green tech can be an aspirational goal but don't expect our energy system to change as fast as your computer processor.

By December 7, 2010


Why carmakers say no to battery-swapping

Automotive News reports on why automakers are not buying into Better Place's business model.

By October 21, 2010


Power struggles: Charging tomorrow's cars

Even as millions of electric vehicles are expected to hit the world's roads in the next 10 years, serious questions remain about the infrastructure--or the lack thereof--available to charge them.

By September 11, 2010


Israeli gas stations to swap Better Place car batteries

Electric-car services company Better Place forges ahead with plan to install tens of thousands of charging stations and battery-switching locations in Israel by next year.

By February 8, 2010


Better Place raises $350 million, first projects on track

Start-up gets a giant round of funding to build its network of electric-car-charging and battery-swapping stations with Europe and Asia its preferred locations.

By January 25, 2010