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Q&A: Agassi's Better Place idea--brilliant or nuts?

Shai Agassi has a bold business plan to build an electric car charging network. It's an intriguing concept, but nobody knows whether it can make money.

By April 23, 2009


Ex-SAP exec Agassi gets into electric cars

The venture is backed by a large Israeli holding company that has pledged $100 million.

By August 29, 2007


SAP tech honcho Agassi resigns

Shai Agassi steps down in a surprise announcement. He had been seen as a possible successor to CEO Henning Kagermann.

By March 28, 2007


Israel launches electric-car program

This blog initially misidentified the prime minister of Israel. He is Ehud Olmert. It also misidentified the person whose speech can be found on the Project Better Place Web site--it is by Shai Agassi--and as such an earlier version of this post also inco

By January 21, 2008


Getting charged up over service stations

Shai Agassi has a plan to create a network of service recharge stations for electric cars--and $200 million to make it happen.

By October 31, 2007


At SAP, putting software in drive

High-ranking exec Shai Agassi looks to Henry Ford's heyday as he faces present-day software challenges.

By October 5, 2006


SAP's rising star on being No. 1

Shai Agassi, the only non-German within SAP's inner circle, could be heir apparent to Hasso Plattner. In the meantime, he's got to figure out new technology directions for the world's No. 1 business apps maker.

By September 29, 2003