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New Xperia Z5 smartphones stick to Sony's high-end mantra

The company unveils three smartphones targeting affluent users, but it still hasn't figured out how to avoid getting lost in the shuffle behind Apple and Samsung.

By September 2, 2015


Mozilla's $25 Firefox OS: It's real, and it works

Relatively affluent people will shun this smartphone. But for people who can afford only a bargain-priced feature phone, Mozilla's prototype shows promise.

By February 23, 2014


Martini Life launches as hub for affluent individuals

Martini Life has launched to provide affluent individuals with all the news they want about their interests.

By December 4, 2008


Affluence.org: Befriend a millionaire

Affluence.org is an exclusive online social network for the wealthy, 'aimed at forming a socially conscious, elite, and exclusive community that helps wealthy, influential, and affluent people make life better for both themselves and others.'

By April 5, 2009


Martini Media raises Series A funds

This affluent-ad network has raised an undisclosed amount of funding and hired a new CEO to target rich people.

By October 27, 2008


Google attracts the bigger spenders?

Google not only has the largest market share among search engines, but it also tends to attract older, more affluent users who spend more. Marketers follow this trend.

By February 18, 2008


Commentary: MSN Direct's timely service

New "smart" watches will appeal to affluent early adopters--a small, but key, market. Microsoft must talk up the watches' functionality, make use of the MSN brand and subsidize the watches.

June 5, 2003


The face of the Net is a-changin'

Long the playground of the young, affluent and geeky, the Internet is now attracting a more diverse crowd, Jupiter Media Metrix says, including people over 50.

By March 4, 2002


The Simputer: A handheld for the masses?

Though handheld computers are usually synonymous with affluent mobile professionals, a group in India hopes to bring this Linux-powered device to developing countries.

January 11, 2002


CompUSA tries out a wireless coupon

Attention bargain hunters. Put away your scissors and take out your Palm. CompUSA, which operates 224 retail stores nationwide, is offering its first wireless coupon through AvantGo's mobile Internet service. Through March 10, AvantGo subscribers can bring in their handheld device to CompUSA and simply show the on-device coupon to the cashier to receive a 10 percent discount on handheld computer and cell phone accessories. Although CompUSA is not the first company to promote products via handheld devices, the concept of wireless ads has been slow to take off. Still, the concept appeals to some companies given that they can reach a targeted audience, namely the affluent, tech-savvy professionals who are most likely to buy handhelds.

March 5, 2001