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Smilophone - music is in your face!Using emotional intelligence powered by Affectiva, Smilophone converts your expressions into music. Hold your...


Building better Super Bowl ads by watching you watch them

A 3-year-old company takes technology from MIT's Media Lab and applies it to ad testing. But do you like Yetis with your Wheat Thins?

By February 2, 2013


'Customer success' VP role: To reduce SaaS churn

A new role at software-as-a-service companies suggests that keeping customers is perhaps more important than gaining new ones.

By October 18, 2011


'Social X-ray specs' help us read emotions

New tech could help people translate body language by dissecting thousands of subtle indicators--including arched brows and parted lips--better than most humans can.

By July 6, 2011


EmotionML: Will computers tap into your feelings?

"Affective computing" standards and technology could help computers grasp human emotion. An intuitive user interface sounds nice, but what about information overshare?

By August 30, 2010