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Lamborghini Veneno is $3.9M worth of aerodynamic exclusivity (pictures)

In a word, the Lamborghini Veneno is absolutely nuts. OK, so that's two words...

13 Images By March 6, 2013


Bill Nye Kickstarts a game to teach kids about aerodynamics

US science educator and TV host Bill Nye has opened a Kickstarter to teach kids about the physics of flight.

By November 28, 2012


GM Aerodynamics Laboratory turns 30

GM Aerodynamics Laboratory celebrates 30 years of aerodynamic innovations.

By August 5, 2010


GM: Aerodynamic design boosts Volt's range

Automotive New reports on the aerodynamic styling of the upcoming GM Volt.

By August 22, 2008


Episode 8: Torture testing the iPhone 4S

Our most requested gadget to torture is our next victim, the iPhone 4S! Molly unboxes a new competitor to the MacBook Air, Sharon Vaknin explains why you would want to cut down a SIM card, and we fly with the aerodynamics of wind tunnels.

By September 24, 2012


TrailerTail reduces drag, saves fuel, looks funny

The panels attach to a big rig's rear end to improve aerodynamics. Someone may need to rewrite that old country song as "18 Wheels, a Dozen Roses, and a TrailerTail."

By April 4, 2011


Bright Automotive to enter electric-car derby

Stealthy start-up is bringing the mantra of fuel efficiency to plug-in electric-vehicle design by focusing on lighter materials and aerodynamics.

By February 23, 2009


Devices under NASA testing could save trucking billions

This story originally reported that the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex was directed by Arnold Air Force Base in Galveston, Texas. In fact, it is run by the Arnold Engineering Development Center, which is located in Tennessee.

By February 16, 2010


Can an armadillo paper airplane fly? Autodesk says yes

Autodesk researchers have developed a Pteromys, a tool that lets anyone design a paper airplane that will fly, no matter how outlandish.

By August 9, 2014

Editors' Take

2015 Nissan Murano

Nissan's crossover sheds a few pounds for the New York auto show and debuts a more open and airy cabin.

April 16, 2014

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