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The Philips AEA7100 Starmaker is for karaoke fans

Philips has a karaoke set for enthusiasts at a high price.

By March 19, 2013


AeA and ITAA to merge

Technology trade groups American Electronics Association and Information Technology Association of America hope that together, they'll become a stronger industry advocacy voice.

By December 9, 2008


AeA: More high-tech lobbying needed at state level

Group plans to expand its influence from federal to state level on pressing state issues like e-waste, online safety, privacy, and taxation.

By January 24, 2008


Tech lobbying groups look into possible merger

AEA and ITAA look to present united front to Washington, and together would represent more than 2,000 companies.

By September 12, 2008


Best Buy to recycle electronics for free

The nation's largest chain of consumer electronics stores begins testing a new recycling program in three large markets.

By June 2, 2008


Wall Street hopes Intel, AMD still singing

Miners used to use canaries to detect if dangerous gases were collecting in mines. Tech industry watchers use the chip industry to see if a storm is coming.

By April 14, 2008


Show notes--The Queue: Fast fingers!

show notes

By April 24, 2007


Green IT: Do it for the money, if nothing else

Businesses that haven't audited their IT-related energy usage are missing out on financial benefits, say experts.

By November 22, 2006


eBay tries e-mail in Net neutrality fight

CEO Meg Whitman tries a personal approach: contacting more than a million members and asking them to contact their politicians.

By June 1, 2006