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Google acquires Adscape

By March 19, 2007


Google launches AdSense for Games

More than a year after its $23 million purchase of AdScape Media, the search giant finally gets into the crowded in-game advertising field.

By October 7, 2008


Report: Google readying in-game ad initiative

The search giant may finally be ready to unveil the fruits of its purchase of Adscape and compete for what is expected to be a billion-dollar market by 2011.

By July 30, 2008


Revealed. The game Facebook believes will be even bigger than Scrabulous

Following on from their success with Scrabulous, Facebook is about to launch a new board game

By August 2, 2008


The advertising arms race

Google wants to get into the in-game advertising space. And while Don Reisinger understands the business side of the deal, he's worried that business will overtake enjoyment.

By November 9, 2007


Microsoft demos in-game advertising

Microsoft demonstrated its in-game advertising platform from its acquisition of Massive in Times Square in New York City on Tuesday.

By September 25, 2007


Sony, Nielsen collaborate on in-game advertising metrics

The new system will mesh with Nielsen's new GamePlay Metrics to provide data on in-game advertising on Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network games.

By July 2, 2007


News Roundup: Google ads and stats, browser cookie havoc, Flickr stock photos, soccer fans on YouTube

Google is providing Web traffic stats and purchasing ad companies. Microsoft and Mozilla had problems with their browsers--guess whose got fixed first? Is Flickr about to get into the stock photo scene? Soccer fan sites on YouTube.

By February 16, 2007