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Watching a baby choose her first Pokemon looks like one tough, adorable choice

Some parents film their baby daughter as she chooses her first Pokemon to be her best friend in a world they must defend.

By April 18, 2016


BB-8 rolls into NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab for adorable field trip

Popular Star Wars droid BB-8 escapes from the silver screen to spend some quality time with NASA's robots.

By March 11, 2016


LG's Rolling Bot is an adorable house and pet sitter

While you're away, this Bot lends an extra pair of eyes and ears inside your house and keeps your pets entertainined (or terrified).

February 21, 2016


BB-8 car charger gives you an adorable droid co-pilot

You don't have to be Rey to take BB-8 home with you. The cute droid is now in the form of a helpful car charger ready to juice up your gadgets.

By February 16, 2016


Meet one zoo's newest baby, an adorable penguin named Bowie

The Cincinnati Zoo's first baby of 2016, a penguin, gets named Bowie since it shares a birthday with the late great musician.

By January 12, 2016


Meet 8 adorable animals with 3D-printed parts (pictures)

Printing in 3D isn't just for people. A small herd of fortunate animals has received new beaks, legs, feet and faces through the power of 3D printing.

12 Images By January 4, 2016


See little girl's adorable freakout over 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Though some people might be suffering from Star Wars overload, this young fan can hardly contain her excitement when she sees BB-8 and other characters from "The Force Awakens."

By December 29, 2015


These Star Wars Google Cardboard VR viewers are adorable, and free (for Verizon customers)

Verizon's Star Wars-themed Google Cardboard viewers launch alongside a new mobile Star Wars VR experience. We took a look at all of them.

By December 2, 2015


OMG, we need this cute robot smartphone immediately (Tomorrow Daily 254)

If there's anything we've always wanted (but never realized we did), it's RoBoHoN. Sharp's robot-slash-smartphone can take calls, snap pictures, project images, dance, and melt our hearts into puddles of warm, squishy happiness.

By October 7, 2015


Adorable smartphone robot RoBoHoN is our new BFF (Tomorrow Daily 254)

Ashley discusses an experiment to teach a drone to help a robot navigate, a special foam heart that could someday become a viable transplant and a super cute Japanese robot that also happens to be a smartphone.

By October 7, 2015