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YouTube's video free-for-all is about to start charging admission

Google's massive video site will launch a subscription tier that strips out ads for a price. But the free ad-based option remains.

By October 21, 2015


That's 'app' as in college admissions application

Now's the time high school seniors are starting to ramp up their college application process -- and it can be a daunting task. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on some high-tech tools that can help with everything from picking a school to applying for aid.

By October 16, 2014


Could LinkedIn give students an 'in' with college admissions?

With a lowered age requirement, LinkedIn hopes to welcome more teens. Its university pages aim to provide prospective students with info on how they're connected to a school and suggestions on how to achieve career goals.

By December 3, 2013


How LinkedIn can help students get into college

Social-networking sites can help us reconnect with friends and find new jobs, but they're also proving to be a powerful tool for college applicants. CNET's Sumi Das explains how LinkedIn is helping future undergrads research prospective schools and connect with admissions departments.

By December 2, 2013


MIT dean resigns after falsifying degrees

Dean of admissions, Marilee Jones, resigns after admitting she "misrepresented" her academic credentials on her resume.

By April 27, 2007


Sharman's raided evidence ruled admissible

Lawyers for Kazaa's parent company fail to persuade an Australian judge to dismiss evidence that was seized in raids for the copyright infringement case.

March 4, 2004


Laptop theft puts data of 98,000 at risk

PC stolen from UC Berkeley graduate admissions office held sensitive data on thousands of people, stretching back three decades.

By March 29, 2005


U.K. digital film project hits Web snag

A film project that claims it's the first to let people watch a movie online while it's new in theaters closes Web admissions after failing to meet visitors' bandwidth demands.

By September 8, 2003


Are ICQ logs admissible in court?

Whether information derived from logs of electronic chats can be used in court--even if they may reveal possible illegal activity--is an unsettled legal question.

March 15, 2001


Yale alleges an ivory tower break-in

Who got in and who didn't? The question takes on new meaning as the Ivy League university accuses rival Princeton of snooping in a Yale admissions Web site.

By July 26, 2002