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Apps to help adjust to daylight saving

This Sunday morning, our clocks spring forward one hour to mark the beginning of daylight saving time. While it might be nice for some to have more light at the end of the day, it can be tough for bodies to adjust to darker mornings. In this Tech Minute, CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on some ways technology can help ease the transition.

By Mar. 4, 2014


How to adjust Tweetbot's new night theme for iOS

When Tweetbot launched it's iOS 7 redesign, cries for a night theme were all over Twitter. Now, the Tapbots team has delivered.

By Nov. 28, 2013


How to adjust the systemwide font size on iOS 7

Adjusting the font size on iOS 7 no longer only applies to select apps. Here's how you can make text larger or smaller.

By Sep. 19, 2013


Apple envisions way to adjust your car via an iPhone

A newly published patent application highlights a method to change key controls and functions in certain types of cars through stored settings on your iPhone.

By Aug. 1, 2013


Adjust default settings for YouTube uploads

Learn how to adjust the default properties for each YouTube video, saving time when uploading new content.

By Nov. 19, 2012


Future iPhone could adjust its volume based on your proximity

A newly published patent application from Apple describes a way in which the iPhone would automatically lower or raise its volume based on how close you are to the device.

By May. 28, 2013


Adjust the sudo time-out behavior in OS X

If you use the sudo command often to make changes to your system, you can adjust when it requires you to enter your password.

By Jan. 7, 2013


How to adjust network settings in OS X via the command line

In addition to using the system preferences, you can adjust Wi-Fi network configuration in OS X via Terminal.

By Jan. 30, 2013


How to adjust Autoplay options in Windows

As an added security measure, or even a convenience, this a setting worth looking into.

By Aug. 22, 2011


Apple iOS developers: We'll adjust to privacy change

Developers say Apple's new mandate won't be too much of a burden, but many will need to modify apps that use address book data.

By Feb. 15, 2012