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Google Chrome 4 adds add-ons, HTML5

Google Chrome 4 is here, and it's as swift as ever. But it's also poised to take on Firefox for the title of king of browsers, as it now extends to extensions

By February 1, 2010


Mozilla's Jetpack to bring next generation add-ons

Mozilla's got a new project called Jetpack that will let users install and turn extensions on and off, all without them having to restart their browsers.

By May 20, 2009


Add and remove Internet Explorer 8 add-ons

Like most browsers, Internet Explorer 8 has add-ons. But sometimes you may want to get rid of them, even if just temporarily. IE8 has made it easier to disable and enable your add-ons.

By March 25, 2009


5 seriously useful Chrome extensions

There's one major element that sets browsers like Google Chrome apart from Safari and Internet Explorer: add-ons. Check out our top five Chrome extensions for the seriously efficient types.

By July 29, 2011


Add 'do not track' to Firefox, IE, Google Chrome

The three most popular browsers let you search and surf the Web without online ad networks and other trackers monitoring you--if you have the right privacy settings and add-ons.

By December 7, 2010


Disable Flash on your Web browser

We show you Flash-blocking add-ons so you can decide which Web sites run the Flash plug-in.

By February 3, 2010


IE, Firefox, and the add-on security problem

Browsers have an add-on security problem, but how big it becomes depends on how vigilant users are in patching the add-ons.

By November 24, 2008