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Amazon Echo teardown gets inside the smart speaker powered by the cloud

Bill Detwiler cracks open the Amazon Echo and shows you the tech that makes it a "smart" speaker.

By September 14, 2015


When real birds tweet

An art project in Latvia, which saw real birds get their own Twitter account, looks to be returning early next year.

By December 2, 2012


OS X 10.7.3 update causing CUI interface artifacts

A number of OS X users are reporting an odd interface bug after installing OS X 10.7.3, in which window elements show red question marks and the repeated text "CUI" instead of buttons and scroll bars.

By February 2, 2012


High-end audio rocks CES, part 2

Smartphones, tablets, and OLED displays may get the lion's share of attention at CES, but what about audio? Here's a choice sampling of the very best of CES.

By January 15, 2012


HTC's Beats deal: Hear no evil?

The Taiwanese smartphone maker's deal has some scratching their heads, as the focus on sound harkens back to the feature phone days.

By August 11, 2011


How to access hidden files to restore in Time Machine

If you need to restore hidden files using Time Machine you may run into some problems revealing them. Here are some methods for addressing this in OS X.

By May 12, 2011


Home and system directory names not translating in OS X

If you change the system language in OS X, some key directories such as the default home folder directories should show in the new language. If this does not happen there is a way to fix the problem.

By April 25, 2011


Xcode install from Mac App Store wiping systems?

Apple's Xcode development tools are available through the Mac App Store, but some people have run into some problems when installing from the store, including hangs during installation and data loss.

By April 8, 2011


ADC 2 narrows the field

Developers are competing in 10 categories with apps for the second Android Developers Challenge.

By November 9, 2009


Apple drops price of Mac Developer Program to $99

The cost of entry to become an Apple Mac developer dropped significantly to $99. Apple had previously sold memberships to the Apple Developer Connection Select or Premier programs for $499 and $3,499, respectively.

By March 5, 2010