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Car Tech 101: Understanding adaptive suspension

No single set of suspension settings is right for all conditions, but thanks to adaptive suspension, you have in effect thousands of suspensions in one car.

By Nov. 11, 2013


Lenovo's slim X1 Carbon gets an "adaptive" row of touch controls

New CPUs and a better-than-HD screen make this a 2.8-pound ultrabook a top crossover contender.

By Jan. 6, 2014


Our new adaptive site for mobiles and tablets

If you're looking at this on a mobile phone or tablet, you should find it much easier to read than normal. Welcome to our new adaptive site!

By Oct. 14, 2011


Dial A for adaptive eyeglasses for the masses

Glasses with adaptive lenses can be adjusted via a twist of the dial are being marketed to the developing world.

By Jul. 20, 2010


Forrester: Adaptive branding and the new four P's of marketing

Forrester is about to release a new report on "Adaptive Brand Marketing," in which it proposes the new 4 P's of Marketing: permission, proximity, perception, and participation.

By Nov. 2, 2009


Adaptive cruise control

Cruise control works only when you're on the open road--unless your car comes with adaptive cruise control. Find out how an under-the-hood radar gun can keep you cruising.

May. 21, 2008


D-Link AirPremier DWL-2210AP - wireless access point

The DWL-2210AP is packed with features well suited for small businesses.

By Jan. 31, 2005

3.5 stars Editor's rating Jan. 31, 2005

MSRP: $279.99


Finally, Marvel's ready for you to hear its comics (scoop)

Marvel upgrades its subscription app with a long-promised smart soundtrack and DVD-style video commentary, after spending a year laying the foundation for a more multimedia-friendly comics reading experience.

By Mar. 9, 2014


Toyota rolling out near-autonomous cars in five years

Toyota announced two safety systems today, Automated Highway Driving Assist and Pedestrian-Avoidance Steer Assist, autonomous car technologies it expects to go into production cars mid-decade.

By Oct. 10, 2013